New Generation
Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Galvanizes the physiological process of skin Moisturising; Amplifies the horny cells' water storage capacity; Reduces fluctuations in Moisturising due to external factors.

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Resting Peel

• exfoliation
• moisturization
• reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
• collagen synthesis
• firming
• for a smoother, brighter skin complexion
• gentle exfoliation

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Resting Peel Plus+

Resting peel rhythm of nature and science Revitalizing sting peel. Used as an exfoliating agent to accelerate skin desquamation process in order to avoid their accumulation responsible for a dull complexion.

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Copper Peptide
Anti-Aging Cream

Luxurious cream replenishes lost moisture, leaving you with smooth, comfortable, younger-looking skin. Normal to Dry Skin Plant oils & emollients restore smooth, soft skin Antioxidants & soothing ingredients help skin look younger

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